Totally Seamless, Protective Epoxy Floor Coatings

Epoxy floor coatings are available in custom colors and mixtures and are durable throughout the bitter Northern Indiana winters. We also offer easy cleaning with antimicrobial options which are now available!

Durable and long-lasting

Epoxy floor coatings are an ideal solution for garages, kitchens, finished basements, and showrooms, as well as industrial and commercial installations such as kitchens in restaurants, and health care facilities, auto repair shops and manufaturing plants in Northern Indiana. Highly durable and easy to clean, an epoxy floor coating is a high-performance surface that means you don't have to worry. Because it's easy to clean, it keeps maintenance costs down, and with antimicrobial options available, it is ideal for regulated areas such as commercial kitchens, medical facilities, and pharmaceutical companies.



Beautiful surface

An epoxy floor coating gives your floor a natural shine, and since it's easy to keep clean, its beauty always shines through. You can choose from an endless variety of colors, and add flair with a Dur-A-Quartz or Dur-A-Chip surface for a smooth, decorative surface. Epoxy floor coverings are available in custom colors and mixtures. We will work with you to create the perfect epoxy floor to suit your needs, and to match the color and design scheme of your environment.

Beige Black Bright Yellow Caramel Charcoal Concrete Grey
Green Ivory Light Grey Medium Grey Safety Red Slate Grey
Smoke Blue Tile Red White      

Q28-13 Q28-15 Q28-16 Q28-17 Q28-21 Q28-22
Q28-23 Q28-24 Q28-25 Q28-27 Q28-29 Q28-30
Q28-31 Q28-33 Q28-34 Q28-35 Q28-36 Q28-37

Ash Autumn Blue Mica Confetti Dessert Tan Graphite
Sage Shale Sky      

Boulder Grey Brown Stone Crushed Granite Delta Green Egg Shell Olive Green
Oyster Shell Royal Blue Santa Fe      

Our epoxy flooring systems

We have an epoxy flooring system to suit every need, from a finished basement, to a large industrial facility.

Epoxy Flooring System

Primers and sealers.

A sturdy flooring system is built on a low viscosity epoxy or acrylic primer coat, which seals the concrete floor before the resurfacing process begins.

Membranes and crack fillers.

In areas where containment and stress areas are a concern, an elastomeric, waterproof membrane is applied as the foundation.


Plain concrete can become stressed or eroded. A resurfacer, available in clear or pigmented varieties, restores the concrete and is well-suited for highly demanding environments.

Performance topcoats.

A high-performance finish for epoxy flooring systems, a performance topcoat gives your floor a perfect glossy, low-glare, or flat finish, while making it chemical- and abrasion-resistant.

Coatings/floor and wall.

The main component, your high quality coating is abrasion-resistant and durable, easy to clean, and available with antimicrobial treatment and chemical- and heat-resistant variations.

Fast installation

With an Ideal Coatings epoxy flooring system, you can rest assured that you will have expert service and a perfect floor every time. Service is prompt, and a quick-drying system means your floor will cure overnight―letting you make use of your facility the next day.



Seamless Floor to Wall * Antimicrobial * Unlimited Color Combo * Slip Resistant